Stormwater Floodplain Changes in Harris Park

Earlier this spring, some neighbors in our community received a postcard from the City of St. Petersburg letting us know that the city is updating its Stormwater Master Plan, and as part of that some areas are proposed to be included in new floodplain maps. You can view an interactive map HERE to see if your property is included in the proposed floodplain map changes. The city is actively seeking feedback. If you don’t experience flooding, but you know other parts of your street do and are not included in the proposed changes, provide feedback and learn more HERE.

The city hosted a virtual infosession to walk through the proposed changes and answer questions. If you missed the meeting and want to read through the presentation, you can do so HERE.
Here are our key takeaways from the city’s infosession:

Why is the city updating the floodplain maps?
Updating the stormwater floodplain maps is part of a larger project to update the Stormwater Master Plan. This plan is designed to help the city identify and prioritize utility projects that address stormwater mitigation. The master plan includes considerations for 2050 sea level rise predictions, resiliency, and sustainability.

Will my insurance rate be impacted?
Changes to the stormwater floodplain maps will not cause insurance rates to go up. Insurance rates are based on FEMA flood maps. Harris Park is not located in a FEMA floodzone, however, some of our streets do experience localized flooding during rain events. Proposed stormwater updates could positively affect the city’s Community Rating with FEMA, and could potentially result in better insurance rates in the future.

Will utility rates be impacted?

The proposed changes do not include changes to utility rates. Utility rates are assessed annually by the city for changes and are based on the amount of impervious surface on your property, which is how much runoff your property contributes to the stormwater system.

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