Harris Park Meeting: 11.15.21 notes

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HPNA Meeting – November 15, 2022
Neighborhood Patrol Officer Report

  • Reviewed reports from September 15 through November 15 and there were no significant findings. The neighborhood has been relatively quiet with no major incidents.
  • Vehicle burglaries/auto theft reports are declining, but be sure to remind non-residents (such as contractors servicing your home) to lock their cars, too!
  • Prostitution complaints are mainly near Angelo’s Mini Mart on Haines.
  • If you or someone you know witnesses an incident, call patrol so that it is formally documented. This is the best thing we can do to ensure problem resolution!
    • Emergency: 911
    • Patrol (non-emergency): 727-893-7780
    • Community service (needs attention/documentation, but not urgent): 727-551-3182

Future projects/events discussion

  • Neighborhood clean-ups
    • Adopt An Alley: We can clean up our neighborhood AND get volunteer hours that we can match for a city grant (for the mural)
      • VP, Jessica, will reach out to Keep Pinellas Beautiful for more information. Will need waivers signed, sign in sheets to track dates, hours, attendees.
    • Planting Native Plants at Kelly Lake
    • Another opportunity to get volunteer hours that we can put toward the city grant match (for the mural)
  • Volunteer hours = $24 per hour per volunteer. VP, Jessica, will reach out to Susan Ajoc with City of St Pete for more details on procedure.
  • Spring event/ bicycle rodeo may be back in 2022 – TBD
    • We can apply for a mini-grant towards a neighborhood event, once per calendar year. Our neighborhood can participate in the Utility Bill Round Up to potentially get an additional mini-grant
      • This holiday season, individuals in St. Pete are encouraged to donate to the City of St. Petersburg’s Utility Assistance Program for a chance to win a $500 mini-grant for their neighborhood. Those who donate will help their neighborhood while helping those in need. The Utility Assistance Program supports St. Pete utility customers who are having trouble with their utility costs. Funding to the program is based on donations and signing up to donate helps St. Pete families in need. The top three neighborhoods with the most enrollment in the Utility Assistance Program from Nov. 1, 2021 to Jan. 1, 2022 will win a $500 mini-grant for neighborhood events or activities. Winners will be announced by February 2022. Sign up here: https://www.stpete.org/residents/utilities/utility_assistance_program.php
  • Additional Information from Susan with City of St. Petersburg:
    • Susan will coordinate with the City to have someone check the street name signs and stop signs for quality/reflectiveness
    • We cannot place signs in Kiwanis Park, as they would be considered snipe signs.  However, neighbors can put signs in their yard that encourage other neighbors to follow HPNA on Facebook, sign up for our emails, and attend our meetings.
      •  The city collects snipe signs and will give them to us to re-use (reprint our messages on them and save money!)
    • The city will print door hangers for neighborhood associations once per year. VP, Jessica, is working on the upcoming door hanger to announce the 2022 HPNA meeting dates.

2022 HPNA Meeting Schedule – mark your calendars!Jan 10 – general meeting, 2022 officer elections; March 14 – general meeting; May 9 – general meeting; Sept 12 – general meeting; Nov 14 – general meeting

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